Welcome to the personal website of Levi Schuck!

You'll likely find some adventurous logs or rants.

I'm a few years into the industry

Out of college I started at Epic where I worked with many applications best rated in the medical industry. If you are in the United States and get your blood tested, there's a high chance I have contributed to your care. Although my work gives me great pride, I'm looking for some change.

I build server software.

My passion is where the information flows. I think about messages between servers, databases, and services in general in my spare and not-so-spare time. I would like more experience with distributed systems, since that is where I spend my time researching and developing for.

I do Functional Programming.

Although one of my favorite languages is C++, lately I have been breaking my mind with Haskell. It is rapidly becoming one of my most favorite languages, in which I feel confident with. Detecting errors before production and release has become a big focus for me here.

I like spicy foreign food.

Often, I go out with an old roommate to Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian restaurants. Fast food is often dull and leaves a bad taste. Lately I have been practicing with chopsticks, and I think I am getting better. Soups like phở are quite different to what I have grown up with. Usually, I like my foreign foods with beef when there's an option between beef, pork, and chicken.

An Australian called me a confused hipster.

An iOS developer I know in Australia claims I am a hipster because I type in Dvorak instead of QWERTY. I like and code for C++ and Haskell. Also, I like listening to music without vocals.

I like camping and canoeing.

I like the fresh air and darkness when it comes to camping. In the past, I really enjoyed backpacking and canoeing trips. Although I like to fish, I haven't had much luck. One time I got a cat fish and it was painful to bring up a foot-high bank since it was poking me with its bony fins. I am also an eagle scout

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