Staff Software Engineer - Engineering Manager

Levi leads an engaged team of engineers that develop and deploy scalable, performant, highly available, secure, and frugal web services that power EatStreet on AWS. He regularly mentors and educates junior to senior engineers on technical skills and personal project management. Levi is an effective communicator who raises the bar for lasting cross-team change in organization, software development, deployment, business operations, and security as a business and secured web applications. His leadership has reduced oncall incidents and their impact by 90%, enabled autonomy of multiple teams, and has instilled leadership and responsibility in engineers that report to him. For matters of security and data privacy, he is the go-to expert in designing, reviewing compliance efforts and cryptography.

Before becoming a manager, Levi advanced EatStreet to PCI DSS Level 2 compliance, developed the backend for CCPA right to know and right to delete, outperformed F5 Silverline Shape Defense credential stuffing defenses, developed a new vertical that brought 20% more revenue, surgically rewrote and scaled order fulfillment services under pressure to handle 6 fold load at the pandemic onset, released a scalable 3000+ domain HTTPS load balancer with a custom LetsEncrypt integration, secured partner ACH data with Google Tink and AWS KMS, replaced MD5 and 3DES usage, and released an internal fine-grained authorization framework for employees and contractors.