Solar Wind

Solar Wind is a framework to develop asynchronous systems that revolve around delivering and reacting to interesting information.

The Problem

We have several existing battle-tested systems out there that send messages around. Notably,

However, the current models take the perspective of designing events for listeners–instead of emitting generic events for any interested listener later.

Secondly, these solutions cannot be embedded inside your application for testing purposes.

The Solution

Solar Wind will be a library which can be embedded into any kind of application where the final use cases for listeners for events are not entirely known at the beginning. These events will consist of interesting information for any listener registered at the time.

These applications for now will not have the need or support for confirmations that certain listeners have received the event.

The mechanism is entirely fire-and-forget. It is between what a job queue is like beanstalk and an actor based system like akka. Like actors and job queues, it will help lay the foundation for developing asynchronous systems.