Youtube blocks a 4 year old video

Posted on February 15, 2014

Dear Levi Schuck,

Your video “Gundam 00 Painting”, may have content that is owned or licensed by BANDAI_Co_Ltd. As a result, the video has been blocked on YouTube.

Huh? I uploaded that at January 2, 2010 10:48 PM, as soon as I could after my mother finished my painting. Now they come after me randomly for something that has only had literally 385 views after four years?

What’s up with that?

And wait, now they don’t even show the option to download the MP4? This seems new..

Just because the audio content matches some soundtrack I carelessly used four years ago should not mean I cannot retrieve something that is a precious memory for me.

Google Takeout

Luckily.. I requested a Google Takeout two weeks earlier (which expires on the day of writing).

The video is there! However some of my other videos have html entries instead..

Decline for originals

For example, a video for which I uploaded without audio, and then used the Audio enhancements to put in some well-timed classical music.. results in an html file with:

Unfortunately the video byu testing center timelapse was matched by Google’s Content ID System.

Because someone else has claimed the copyright on some, or all, of your video YouTube has a policy of not allowing this video to be exported.

*If you believe the Content ID match applied to your video is incorrect you must work with YouTube to resolve the situation. Instructions on how to dispute a Content ID match can be found at:*

We are sorry about the inconvenience. To help lessen your sorrow and learn more about how Content ID and Copyright work with YouTube you can watch this fun video.

What the heck, Google! I used Your own feature! And you don’t allow me to even get the original content I put up?

At least it can be viewed in most if not all countries..

Your content is not safe with Google

I am lucky that I had a Google Takeout ordered and I got my content before it expired.

I respect BANDAI, but just disable the audio like you used to, Google. That’s all that was matched. Don’t go and block the entire video in every single country!

For now, I have put the video up on vimeo. Now, I don’t like how vimeo forces you to wait an arbitrary amount of time, but it’s not like I have any subscribers that I want to send my content to ASAP.

Waiting in line

Waiting in line

I do not make money from my videos. No one pays attention to what I put up.

Besides, what’s up with the dirty name: BANDAI_Co_Ltd? It is like they got this out of some meta data file that didn’t support spaces and went on, acting on behalf of it.

Youtube is too ambitious

Even Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, and an upcoming game The Witness gets violation notices on his own promotional content.

It is not new that full articles are being written on the subject, since sometimes users videos are being taken down under content detection by – guess what – themselves.

I can’t find the article, but even companies make claims just to get mass market exposure first. Could you imagine recording your own video, a newscast shows it on TV (without attributing you), upload it themselves, and then claim copyright on the content..

Yes, it happened.

Some people make their livelihood on Youtube, but that’s not me. From now on, I likely will never contribute to Youtube again. It is not worth the frustrating (short-lived) moments that happen every other month.

There are 32 html files where videos should be in my takeout. Entries like Dear Esther Playthrough are totally valid, and it is depressing to feel squashed by Google.

Modern companies don’t care about the individual.

Article, after article, after article, have been published about companies like Square (a payments-processing company)

Users end up saying things like

With NO phone number, NO customer Service center, and OUR money - what kind of company does
{Square, Google, Amazon, Facebook}
think they are?

I actually had to use Microsoft’s Bing (a first!) to find some of the articles, since Google seems to be making the search results less relevant when you are looking for angry-research.

What can we do..?