Xcode gotcha

Posted on September 1, 2012

Xcode Paths

One thing I found out when using brew is that it installs to the /usr/local/ directory. That’s fine and all, but utilities and libraries aren’t found by Xcode even though they are when using GNU make in the normal terminal.

It turns out the paths are not loaded into xcode for what xcode has available. My case was that it was unable to find Graphviz dot command, which is used with doxygen for generating documentation.


sudo ln -s /usr/local /opt/local

This does a symbolic link so that anything that happens in /usr/local the same appears under /opt/local. It is essentially an alias in the file system.


Also, it seems that the provided Xcode Angelscript project is a failure. It tries to compile with MSVC semantics instead of LLVM. Mac uses the latter, while windows uses the former. Totally different compilers with totally different designs. It also uses the Wrong build target SDK, which does not exist on the last three Mac SDKs with Xcode. ## Solution Go into the sdk/angelscript/projects/gnuc macosx directory in the terminal, run make. Then sudo make install

This should set things up so you can link to it properly.

Poco Foundation

Turns out I was decieved in that I’m building a static library on the other platforms. On Xcode, my cmake generated project builds both static, and dynamic libraries. Static libraries Do Not complain if you don’t link in something. It will just cascade to the final executable or dynamic / shared library.

I got a nice thanks to Xcode telling me that it could not find the references to the reference counted class. Turns out I had to link in PocoFoundation

Because there are also Debug and Release libraries of it, I’ll have to edit my cmake project to use the right one. It currently compiles with the Release version, however Debug builds and Release builds in LLVM and MSVC don’t play well together at Runtime.

Anyway, Thanks Xcode, thanks for all the fish. I won’t be saying So long, though.