Getting POCO setup

Posted on August 5, 2012

So what is poco?

Modern, powerful open source C++ class libraries and frameworks for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server and embedded systems.

Essentially, it will be my chosen framework to get things running efficiently and quickly.



To install on debian-like linux distributions, sudo apt-get install libpoco-dev will do the trick.

Otherwise, go and download poco for “Linux, OS X, etc.”, Extract, navigate to the directory in the terminal, run ./configure then make, it will start compiling and will take a good while.

Once you have input to the terminal do sudo make install and let it install the header files and libraries to their respective directories.


This is a little more complicated.

I will be assuming that you use Visual Studio 2010. (not express)

First of all, download poco, and extract the zip for windows.

Inside, you will see multiple files, go ahead and run build_vs100.cmd

This will take a while, and will likely make your computer hot, so don’t be playing games or watching video as the compilation process is running.

Once this is done, the lib and bin folder will have the .lib, .dll, and other assisting files needed for this.

Go into the lib folder and select the Poco specific files. The rest are for testing purposes which you do not need. Copy the selected files.

Now, locate the Visual Studio 2010 installation directory, go to VC, then lib and paste the files inside. You will be in the right folder if you see .obj files in there.

You have now copied the compile-time requirements for the linker.

Now we need to set up the header files in the include directory.

Go up a directory, to the VC directory, and go to the include directory. Create a new folder called Poco, not POCO, but just Poco. Enter the directory and it should be empty.

Have another window open to copy from, you will need to copy the header files next.

Back inside the poco directory, we will need to look in the following folders

  • Foundation
  • Net
  • Util
  • XML

Visit first the Foundation folder and go to the include directory. Inside there is a Poco directory, go into that.

Next, select all the files, ~300 will be selected. Copy them.

Now paste these into the VC\include directory.

Next, Net, Util, and XML will follow this pattern. Visit the folder, go to include, then Poco and you should see just one or more folders (XML has multiple).

Your VC\include\Poco folder should look like this:

And you’re done!


I assume you have Xcode 4.* installed from the Mac Appstore

We could build from the sources directly, or we could be really easy and go with something that could help us later. We’re going to go with homebrew.

Go ahead and download it according to the instructions at the bottom.

Run brew update then brew install poco

It will take a while, but it should have an output similar to this. I have an outdated Xcode install, but it does not matter.