Mac Netbook

Posted on July 13, 2010

Well, my friend in the Netherlands (Who I have worked with for a while) kept pushing me to get a specific netbook, just to use mac on it. I eventually did, but here’s why:

  • Mac OS X is a good OS
  • It would be ‘different’ to have a macbook without having a macbook

Turns out I needed a cheaper computer to use while at college than I thought.

The total cost(including OS): ~ $300 USD. Got the netbook from ebay, and got the OS from best buy for $30. This is a perfect cost, as I plan to keep my desktop, and I know I will be only using it for 1 year, AND my parents are dealing with a very costly month with medical expenses, and unforeseen new house expenses.


Finding the latest guide for the latest version of Snow Leopard sold in stores(10.6.3). Turns out: no such guide exists, only for slightly older versions with some suggestions from others for the update. this works perfectly if you replace the “NBI_083F dd Image” with this image.

Anyway, enjoy the video and try yourself if you want. You’ll need a Dell Mini 10v (1011) (you can’t get it from Dell anymore), and OS X.

PS: Portal on Mac, with a netbook hardware sucks. Don’t try.